I am a web designer or more properly called a “web integrator” because I can design and code like a Vietnamese chef making a noodle soup. I learned to design at a young age, it all started with small drawings of Calvin & Hobbes. In high school I discovered Photoshop, from there my graphics evolved and with it my desire to figure out how the World Wide Web was made. I learned HTML, CSS, Javascript, SEO and web marketing on my own but later perfected it all with a program at Algonquin College. Currently I work at a design agency located in Gatineau, QC. I also maintain certain KBS Group’s projects, which keep me busy periodically with graphic designs for Ottawa’s eateries and fast food menus. And from time to time I freelance on my own. That is, when that monkey is not around…
High School – Bell HS, Ottawa
Graduated in 2009 from Algonquin College – Interactive Multimedia & Web Development
I am comfortable with all forms of HTML, CSS and light jQuery integration. My favorite content management system is WordPress which I consider as my most refined skill, it is on WordPress that I build the majority of my websites since 2006. I use Adobe Master Collection CS5 and most dominantly Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and AfterEffects. I am fluent in French, Serbo-Croatian and English.
Besides my passion for design and web development, I spend most of my free time training and maintaining my fitness. I grew up playing competitive soccer and keeping the same level of fitness is more than necessary for me to feel healthy physically and psychologically. As they say, “in a healthy body lives a healthy spirit”. I also have a huge appetite for technology and science, hence the reason for my blog, HighT3ch.com. I started it as a hobby in 2006 but over the years it turned into much more. If I am not doing those two things then I am either reading a science article or I am watching documentaries on science, politics and social issues.