19 Feb 2014

WordPress Widget for Google Helpouts Listing Promotion

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I’ve decided to make a plugin for WordPress which lets users easily insert their Google Helpouts listing promotion link on their website through a WordPress widget. It was a fairly easy plugin to make considering that there have been dozens of similar plugins already available for other services. This plugin has three options: The first input field allows the user to enter their URL of their Google listings and adds the standard Helpouts image to the link. The second option which would be the best option out of the three lets the user paste the Helpouts promotion code/script which they can find on their Helpouts page. And the third option let’s them just enter their Google Plus ID which has the advantage of taking the users to a page where all their listings appear if they have more than one.

I hope other developers can add features to it.

In case you need help setting this plugin up, you can always reach me on my Helpout session ! :)

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